Project Pat Freestyle on Sway in the Morning

This is the last person I ever expected to be “freestyling” on Sway in the Morning.

If you go way back to one of the chapters of the Rap Encyclopedia: Southern Edition, you’ll remember an interview with Project Pat conducted in the back of a van where he specifically says “I rap for the money, nothing else.” Maybe it wasn’t in those words, but the way he said it you knew for a fact Pat had been in exactly zero ciphers in his day. Whoever books for Sway in the Morning is a silly goose.

The look on Pat’s face when Sway asks him to spit a few bars is priceless. Thankfully the over indulgence of marijuana throughout the years hasn’t totally rendered the guy incapable of quick thinking. He casually dips into his mental rhyme book to spit 14 (I counted) bars of the usual Project Pat tomfoolery: money, killing you, and money waiting to be earned through killing you.

Well done, Pat. You showed Sway.



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