All Gold Everything (Remix)…?

Does it count as ‘getting murdered on your own shit’ if you don’t even rap on your own shit? I bought (yes, bought) the “All Gold Everything” remix from iTunes waiting to hear what kind of fuckery Trinidad James would come up with for part 2 of his only song, which featured T.I., Young Jeezy Louis Mane, and 2 Chainz. I had a beef over the $1.29 iTunes charged me, though. Trinidad James doesn’t rap on it. Instead, he resorts to 10 seconds of adlibs at the beginning of the song that go something like “…I ain’t rapping, I already killed it. I’ll let these legends holler at you…” We also get the unaltered hook of the original “All Gold Everything” at the end of everyone’s verse.

Oh. This is clearly not Diddy’s definition of a remix. Those had more opportunities for you to dance. This is more of a mixtape cut than anything, which got the conspiracy theorist in me to form a half-assed theory as to why there’s no Trinidad James on his own shit. Basically, it’s this: whatever he wrote was never green lighted by Def Jam, or other parties involved. In other words, the verse(s) he came up with was hot garbage. It’s no secret the guy has been rapping for about a year or less, so I can’t really diss him. However, I can certainly do my best Nelson Muntz impression and “Ha-Ha!” at Def Jam, who paid the guy 7 figures for his services. I don’t know the specifics of the contractual agreement, but after the hype around this “remix” is done, they’re going to wish Hakeem Olajuwon taught rap lessons along with that 2 week post-game program he’s been charging JaVale McGee for.

To show that I’m not a complete hater, I will admit T.I., Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz did a great job of extending this bum’s hype at least until the Summer. I wonder how much help he’s going to have for that major label debut. Also, I wonder what kind of fucked up shit that white guy, named White, did to earn his spot in CTE/Goon Squad. He’s probably very intelligent.

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