Gallery: Converge x Torche x NAILS x Kvelertak

Yo, so we fucked up. Photographer extraordinaire, Internal Arts, went to Saturday’s show at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA, and I went to Sunday’s show at the Echoplex in Echo Park, CA. I can imagine both nights were filled with the same type of rowdy, flannel patterned HxC behavior you’d expect from a crowd in attendance to see Converge, and NAILS, but I’ve decided to forgo a “review” in favor of pictures. Look, he’s edge — I’m not. I had many beers — he didn’t. What I remember from the night is a tweet I sent about Kvelertak making panties wet, and NAILS’ bassist looking like the kid that swept Ralph Macchio’s leg. No disrespect, I love the Karate Kid franchise. Anyway, here are some photographs!

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