9.13.12: Black Light Burns x Psychostick x The Witch Was Right

I arrive at a warehouse in the middle of Lancaster after turning around four times. The Industry Theater was barely labeled and had only one light outside. A Thursday night, middle of the desert, tour kick off was an interesting choice, but seemed like a good practice run to ensure the rest of the tour goes smoothly. I walk in to a fairly empty space with medium size stage to meet the guys in The Witch Was Right. On stage is a power metal band dressed in Druid tunics. The lead singer resembles Genghis Khan and has armor on his shoulder. Power metal is not something that I usually make fun of, but these guys had me falling over laughing. I will give the band credit for powering through their set while everyone else was literally laughing at them.

After some good laughs, The Witch Was Right and I head out to the back parking lot to do their interview. The band comprised of Trevor Friedrich on Vocals (formerly of Eighteen Vision, Combichrist, Imperative Reaction, Suffer Well), Bobby Schubenski on Bass (formerly of Surfer Well), Brandon Richter on Drums, and Abbey Nex on Guitar (formerly of Chombichrist, Imperative Reaction, Suffer Well) blends elements of Industrial, Metal, Hardcore, House, and Trance that give off a dark and twisted vibe that you can’t help but nod your head to. During the interview Wes Borland of Black Light Burns and Limp Bizkit swung by to say hi to the guys.

As the guys prepared for their set, a generic metal band does their best to entertain the crowd. The combination of old military wear and gas masks provided a post apocalyptic vibe, closing with a song with the chorus of “Oh shit! zombies!”.

The Witch Was Right took the stage and changed the entire vibe of the place. The onslaught of four on the floor, samples, raging guitars, and screams draws you in and simply mesmerizes you. Trevor’s vocals combined with his dominating and disturbed presence ensured that he will be a front man that will be grabbing the attention of many to see what he may do next. Bobby’s almost psychotic mannerism and lip licking tick adds an enticing dynamic to his bass playing (which was recently blessed by him playing one of Tim Skold’s basses). Abbey’s cheerleader, spastic, and deranged presence added a beautiful polish to great riffs that were played with such ease. Brandon’s enthusiasm behind the kit was refreshing and kept playing no matter what punishment Trevor sent his way. For being only their second show, which contained the obligatory first show of the tour power outage, they were amazing and seems like they have been in this incarnation for years. I really am looking forward to the future of this band. I can easily see them turning heads and raising some eyebrows.

Up next was the metal/comedy act Psychostick. With incomprehensible headwear like a spiked hat on the lead singer, a karate head band on the guitarist, and a giant pair of foam moose antlers on the bassist, I could tell this was going to be an interesting set. With goofy lyrics and silly stage antics, the band delivered an astonishing technical set. With songs about dentists, resulting with a giant toothbrush attacking the crowd, a slow motion circle pit, a moshing shopping cart, tunes about tacos, air guitaring on a tennis racquet, and replacing songs with sandwiches, it was hard to not have a good time. The band even had a song solely dedicated to boobs, which was magnificent to say the least.

After that was the highly anticipated performance of Black Light Burns. Based off his fame from Limp Bizkit, the guitarist’s side project formed in 2006 with his first release Cruel Melody. With the newly released The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall, this tour was the first for the band in three years. Wes’s stage presence is unparalleled from ranging on multiple instruments to witty banter to the twist to jumping and flipping, you were left with no choice to be amazed. They played songs off of their first record including “Mesopotamia”, “Stop A Bullet”, and “Lie” and played a large selection off of the new release. Wes’s wit resulted in laughing and saying “enjoy 2001” when someone in the crowd requested a BigDumbFace song and showed his mischievous side randomly throwing a cymbal on the ground between songs. The set overall was enticing, fun, sounded great, and was a true artistic expression.

The entire night really was a true showing of bands loving their music. Every band loved playing their songs, and show a true fun time for the bands and the fans.

–Internal Arts

The Witch Was Right


Black Light Burns

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