Bootlegs: Ringworm @ A389 Showcase

I had written a large amount of words for last weeks A389/Scion AV showcase, but it came off sounding whiny and made me look unappreciative of a free show, which was not the case. The show had its good and bad moments, I just focused on the latter. So instead of posting that, I’ll just link you all to the video I captured of Ringworm’s entire set. YouTube hasn’t finished rendering to 1080p HD, so you’ll just have to appreciate it in 480p. I feel like I need to mention the following about the set:

  • It’s 31 minutes long, but I accidentally cut out the last 20-30 seconds. You’re not missing out on anything.
  • The sound isn’t incredible, but it’s decent enough to know what songs are being played.
  • At times the camera is shaky. My apologies.
  • Human Furnace’s mic goes out at the 4:55 mark, and the issue is fixed at the 6:05 mark.

Ringworm – Full Set @ A389/Scion AV Showcase.




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