Gallery: Guitar Wolf

This entry is up much later than I anticipated it to be. That’s kinda Punk Rock, no? I have to admit, Punk is not a culture I am very familiar with. The extent of what I know about Punk has been taught to me by MTV. Basically — Green Day, Rancid, and Frankie from The Real World: San Diego. I owned Dookie, Let’s go, and I tuned in every night when that broad would have a melt down and drink too much. I guess I’m “out of touch.” Thankfully, I still have friends who are diehard when it comes to Punk, and I’m pretty fucking grateful for it because without their prodding me to check out Guitar Wolf, I would have missed out on one of the most memorable show experiences ever. Endless moshing, human pyramids, and out of tune guitars are amongst some of the unforgettable shenanigans of Guitar Wolf’s performance at The Satellite in Silverlake. Here are some awesome pictures of the Guitar Wolf’s antics!


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