3.31.12: Profound Lore Records Showcase x Presented by Scion AV

Rarely ever do I wake up, yawn, stretch and say, “Oh shit, I gotta get ready for the metal show.” Thankfully, though, Scion AV lights a fire under my ass to ensure that I rise from my slumber at a reasonable hour on weekends. Scion’s label showcase and metal matinee series’ have been outstanding since their inception, and Saturday was no exception. The almighty Profound Lore Records presented to us 5 phenomenal bands: YOB, The Atlas Moth, Loss, Wolvhammer, and Pallbearer. I can’t even front, though. As appreciative I am of Profound Lore sending out such killer bands, I was mostly excited about seeing Pallbearer.

My life’s been full of uncertainty lately, and the only thing I’ve found solace in is getting lost in my iTunes playlist. However, nothing has quite done the trick like Pallbearer’s debut Sorrow and Extinction. I’d hate to pigeonhole them as a “depressing doom” band, but I’ve yet to find something to listen to that’s so fitting for the way I’ve been feeling. Plus, I tend to hold a lot of stock in the following Hank Jr. lyrics:

…And Lord I love that hurtin’ music, cause I am hurtin’ too.

I stood on the balcony at The Glasshouse waiting for Pallbearer to take the stage, watching people pour in. I didn’t feel like sharing this moment with strangers on the more intimate floor level. I didn’t know what kind of reaction I’d have to seeing them live, either. I’m usually pessimistic about seeing my favorite bands for the first time. Anything could just about ruin it for me. When Pallbearer finally took the stage, I was definitely shocked at what I was hearing. I didn’t feel like sulking through their entire set, in fact I felt the completely opposite of sad. Instead, I was just overwhelmed with excitement and head nodded my way through their three song set with a goon-like smile on my face because they were so heavy, so loud, so entertaining! I would even go so far as saying that seeing Pallbearer was rather uplifting. I got an immediate sense of closure when their three song set was up. I felt like I would be able to figure out a way to overcome all the bullshit that I’m dealing with. I guess that just proves how much I value music, and more importantly Pallbearer.

I skipped out on most of Wolvhammer’s onslaught because my ears were already fucked from Pallbearer’s set, and a collapsed lung wouldn’t be worth having. It was probably a bad choice to not wear ear plugs, but that gave me a chance to people watch outside. I noticed there weren’t many kids or crusties in attendance the way they are at the Scion AV shows put on in Hollywood. I guess they couldn’t properly route their train hopping to the outskirts of L.A. County. Attendees were mostly made up of the bearded, 21+ variety, which is unfortunate because the Glasshouse is an alcohol-free venue, and the bar attached to the venue opened at 7pm — this show ended at 6pm.

Loss was up next, but they were having serious technical difficulties that delayed their set by at least half an hour. The crowd was starting to get impatient just as everything was figured out. Loss was the shit! It was the first time I’d heard their music, and I was glad I caught them. They’ve got an atmospheric (sometimes bordering on ambient), proggy, but sloooow doom sound. What I didn’t capture during Pallbearer’s set, I certainly did during Loss’s. Their music manages to create this painfully depressing mood, and when you least expect it, they tone down the sad, and start rattling your brain with monster riffs. Loss were fucking great, but I couldn’t help noticing the horrible feedback coming from lead vocalist Mike Meacham’s guitar. It certainly wasn’t his fault, but it did make me cringe, momentarily causing me to feel a little detached from the music. When Loss wrapped up, I hit the merch table to chop it up with bassist John Anderson for a bit, scored myself a copy of the excellent Despond, and a patch of their logo!

That was pretty much it for me as far as being invested in the show. I missed The Atlas Moth because I was starving, and I made plans to see another friend’s band later in the evening. I did catch YOB for a bit, and I’m kinda kicking myself for leaving. I don’t know much about them, but their music sounded pretty spectacular as I was making my way out of The Glasshouse. I’ll be sure to check out their latest album Atma when I can. Hopefully they’ll play Los Angeles again soon. I want to thank Scion AV and Profound Lore Records for putting on a kick ass show. I can’t wait for the next label showcase.

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