2.19.12: Vektor x Witchaven x Exmortus

I’m starting to think this re-thrash movement is for the young and irresponsible. Ever since I started paying bills, my energy level and stamina have dwindled tremendously. I went to see Vektor, Witchaven, and Exmortus at The Echo last wednesday, and the night was full of circle pits. The few times I jumped in, I was burned out within minutes. Not the children, though. They have energy for days, and hardly a care in the world. I am jealous.

There’s always some kind of lame indie shit going on at The Echo, so it was a bit of a surprise that a show like this would be booked. I’m glad, though, because I prefer the more intimate setting and The Echo is small, and divey enough for my liking. There were maybe 100 in attendance, mostly under 21 folks since it was an all-ages show. Patched up vests and Slayer shirts were the norm, as it always is in Los Angeles.

Exmortus came on first. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but they were decent. Pretty much non-distinguishable from the rest of the re-thrash bands from L.A. (Fueled by Fire, Bonded by Blood, Internal Corrosion etc.) That goes for Witchaven as well, and they came up after Exmortus. Although redundant, what those two bands manage to do is play sort of a death/black thrash while the maintain a playful and energetic vibe on stage. Vocals, and sociopolitical lyrics largely ignored by those in attendance because the pit was a brewin’ with young’n’s trying to show and prove who the baddest pitter is. Is pitter a term? Anyway…

I love Vektor. I really only came to see them perform. Their two albums are probably the most technically sound thrash albums I’ve heard since thrash was in the public eye. And since I’m always impressed with what I hear on those records, I wanted to see if it translated well in a live setting.

Well, it did. Tight musically, and sharp vocally. These guys are the real deal. It’s cool to be able to catch them in small clubs, but I want them to get to a bigger stage at some point.

I know this isn’t much of a review. The show happened weeks ago, and I slacked off on writing this. I will make up for it by linking you to videos I captured during each band’s set. Enjoy.

Exmortus – Entombed with the Pharaohs

Witchaven – Faces of Death

Vektor – Cosmic Cortex

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