8.5.11: Site Update x Upcoming Shows x Q & A/Interview Section

I realize its been over a month since I’ve updated, but I’ve been busy with work and school, amongst other things. I apologize. In the time I’ve spent not attending shows, or failing to update, I decided that I’d change things up a bit around here. So here are three things I need to share with the readers.

1.) See, I originally started this blog/site so I had a place to write about the shows I attended. That’s all. After a few posts, I started reaching out to labels, publicists, and managers to get me into “INSERT BAND’S NAME HERE” show in exchange for a review. That was never my plan, but getting in for free was neat. It became tedious after a while due to publicists/labels hounding me to get a review up asap. I didn’t want to deal with that shit. I had to play nice all the time, too. Sometimes I’d get in on behalf of some band I didn’t care for, and they just happened to be boring that night. I was unable to really say what I needed to about the show and my experience. I said some nice things about bands that didn’t deserve the props they got all because someone hooked me up with a ticket and a photo pass. So, I’m over the process of contacting X amount of people in the weeks leading up to a show just so I can save 10 bucks. It’s not like I can’t spend money on a show, either. I don’t mind that, I just felt like I’d never be ‘legit’ if I wasn’t in touch with these higher ups that can make the free pass happen. /end rant. A little venting never hurt anyone, right?

2.) I will be at Power of the Riff on August 13th. Also, I will be in Brooklyn, New York on August 25th for the FREE Vans House Party show featuring Converge and All Pigs Must Die, plus two special guests. Those are two shows I will definitely be attending. I haven’t looked into September yet, but I know I’ll be seeing Opeth, and Enslaved/GHOST/Alcest in October. I’ll also be adding a show schedule to the site very soon so you can all stalk me.

3.) I’m looking to add an Q&A/Interview section to the site very soon. I can’t really divulge too much information about what I have in the works, but I think it’ll be a fun addition to the site.

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