5.14.11: Midnight x Saviours x Lightning Swords of Death

Prior to the weekend I had only experienced daytime metal shows twice, and both times were for the same fest, different years. Seeing Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth was pleasing, but… lets just say the damnation of all things holy before the sunset was rendered useless by blue skies, chirping birds, and people with sunblock on. Saturday, I stood in line several hours before nightfall in front of The Roxy, waiting to be let inside to catch the free Scion AV Metal Matinee featuring Lightning Swords of Death, Saviours, and Midnight. Yes, it was a day time show, but, that lineup was too good to pass up. Plus, none of that pesky daylight shit would be making it’s way inside. It’s dark enough to commit serious crimes in there.

The show started an hour later than promised because of a power outage. All the crusties and gutter punks were getting antsy, drinking malt liquor from the same Styrofoam cup and spitting an ungodly number of times in front of the various Sunset Boulevard storefronts. I wondered for a moment how the fuck these kids find out about these events, let alone online-RSVP for them. I mean, knowing what I know, computers aren’t really their thing, right? Lightning Swords of Death started playing as people were being let in to the venue. Everyone was running around trying to situate themselves, and buy drinks, and here was LSOD ripping through their set. It kind of killed the vibe for me. I stood in my spot and refused to pay any attention to anyone who wanted me to get out of their way so they could get a tall can from the bar. Fuck that. I think it was pretty clear, though, that not many people were there to see Lightning Swords of Death. Once people started to actually watch, they just stood there. Even when the band played mosh-worthy songs like “Nihilistic Stench.” See what I mean by clicking here. Lightning Swords of Death played well, but those in attendance kinda killed it for me, unfortunately.

After a very brief intermission, Saviours took the stage. I thought Guitarist Sonny and bassist Carson must’ve be recent graduates of the Matt Pike School of Being Shirtless Whenever Possible, Especially On Stage because, well, they were shirtless. I came to check them out above all the other bands on the bill. I didn’t know their material particularly well before attending, but I dig their brand of old school, thrashy, stoner metal more than anything I’ve heard that’s similar. Hell, I didn’t even know Scott Batiste of L.A. based doom metal band Green & Wood is Saviours’ drummer. I’ve seen him play with Green & Wood several times, and the energy this guy brings to the stage is some of the best I’ve seen in a live performance. See for yourself as Saviours performs a new song! The crowd got mostly new songs, and I didn’t mind one bit. The material didn’t sound like they were doing anything too different, just expanding from the Accelerated Living record, but man, it was truly killer stuff — plenty memorable high speed riffs, ripping solos and frantic drumming throughout. I’m really looking forward to a new album if in fact there is one in the works. Check out Saviours’ set opener by clicking here.

Once Saviours were done tearing it up, it was time for Midnight. I had no clue what to expect so I hit the record button on my handy flip cam right as they began… and holy shit. I don’t know what it is about the faceless, mask wearing gimmick, but I usually get a kick out of it. Of the mask wearing kind, Ghoul and Ghost are some of my favorite bands today, and it only took a couple of songs for me to be all in on Midnight. They just have such a reckless, fun feeling to their music. Something you can easily jam in a bar or party and rock out to. It’s a bit punky, and a lot thrashy, but it’s got this huuuuuge straight up rock ‘n’ roll vibe to it, and that’s what made it so enjoyable for me. Every song was fast, every song included a guitar solo, and every song cause wild circle pits and maximum stage dives (props to Vogel). At one point, a fine young gentleman decided it would be in his best interests to do a front flip off of the stage and into the crowd. Everyone watching must have been excited to see this guy eat shit, but in completely overshooting everyone, he safely landed on his feet and joined the circle pit. Click here to see that!! I believe Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore coined the term “Black N’ Roll” when asked about what genre Goatwhore fell into, and I think it would make sense to consider Midnight a part of that particular genre. Well, they do have a song called “Black Rock N’ Roll” so it’d only make sense. The show ended and we were all being ushered into the Hollywood streets, where the sun was there to greet us, and fuck with our pupils a bit. I quickly hit the ATM by the exit so I could run back in and get a couple of shirts, but before I grabbed for my wallet I spotted Wino and threw him the horns. He threw them back. Win.

Much thanks to Scion for putting on a great show, and much thanks to the bands that performed! I have to admit, when I was inside The Roxy, I didn’t even think about what time it was. But it was the afternoon, and I was one with the Devil. There were no birds chirping to be heard, no blue skies over my head to be seen, and certainly no sun block wearing parental figures to be annoyed by.

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