11.27.10: Darkest Hour x Veil of Maya x Periphery x Revocation

Apologies for taking so long to get this review up. I felt uninspired about writing a review for this particular show, except for Revocation’s set. I haven’t listened to Periphery since they dumped Chris Baretto (stupid move), Veil of Maya doesn’t interest me and I don’t listen to Darkest Hour that often. The thought of them playing songs from the span of their entire 15 year career didn’t intrigue me too much, either. I dig some of their shit, and I really love “No God,” but that’s one song out of the 20+ they probably played.

I fucks with Revocation though. I’ve said again and again David Davidson is the best guitarist I’ve listened to in a long time. It helps that he and band mate Anthony Buda are great song writers as well. They opened with “Unattained,” to a crowd of maybe 50 people. It’s really a shame that more people don’t know about these guys. The style of Techy, Deathy thrash they play isn’t too niche and I mentioned earlier that they’re great song writers. Everything they write comes out sounding amazing, if not at least interesting. They’re brilliant performers as well. They have great chemistry, and play with high energy throughout their set. Davidson’s showmanship during guitar solos draws a great deal of response from the crowd, and drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne’s ability to play drums at high speeds is mesmerizing. I didn’t think it was possible to make “ReAnimaniacs” go any faster, or sound any more thrashy, but they managed to pull it off quite well. I guess I should give props to Anthony Buda’s ability to keep up on the bass, eh? The set was a short one, maybe 25 minutes top, but it was the absolute best of the night. I caught up with David Davidson during Periphery’s set (yawn) and had this total fanboy moment that I’m not proud of. I told him my copy of Existence is Futile hasn’t left my car since the day I bought it. That’s a true story! Anyway, he signed the booklet and I bought a loud shirt.

Video: Revocation opening with Unattained

The rest of the night was forgettable. I don’t like Periphery’s new vocalist and Veil of Maya failed at keeping my attention. Darkest Hour wasn’t amazing, but they were everything you’d expect for a band that has been together as long as they have. It was kinda depressing to see them playing in front of 80 or 90 people tops. I walked out during their set because they never got to the song I wanted to hear, and my knees were giving out.

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