11.19.10: Watain x Goatwhore x Black Anvil

I’m super late, but before I get into this, I would just like to wish Nergal of Polish Black/Death Metal band Behemoth a speedy recovery. Behemoth was supposed to headline this show but unfortunately Adam Darski aka Nergal was undergoing some treatment for Leukemia. I’m happy that he’s found a bone marrow match and I hope that everything works out for the best. I’m sure this show would have been so fucking incredible with Behemoth playing such an intimate space, but I’m okay with missing them if it means we’ll have a healthy Nergal in the near future. Long live Behemoth.

If I could find a decent reason to put on corpse paint one night, I would do it. No, a show is not a good reason to put on corpse paint. I sweat too much and it would run like if I was Sting or the Ultimate Warrior. Anyway, over a month ago I went to check out some Non-National Socialist Black Metal at the Whisky in Hollywood. In fact, two of these bands just happened to be from the good ol’ U S of A! We don’t take kindly to that Socialist shit ’round here!

I’ll be honest, I was there to see Black Anvil play. As much as I like Goatwhore and Watain, their music doesn’t want to make me see them play it live as much as Black Anvil does. I strolled into the venue just as they were setting up. Before the band played, a lovely goth struck up a conversation with me about how un-metal I looked, but that she liked my Raiders shirt. The petty small talk wasn’t something I was willing to do with this girl. I asked if I could touch her fangs which made her mouth look like Darkwing Duck’s bill. I poked at them. She was unaware that I coughed and sneezed into my hands prior to entering the venue. The band took the stage. They played a lot of stuff off of their latest offering, Triumvirate, which I am ashamed to say I haven’t given a real good listening to. There was a pretty good portion of stuff from Time Insults the Mind, though. It seems as if that album had the more thrash/hardcore influenced songs which I find to be more entertaining than the straightforward Black Metal shit. They played “L.T.H.L.H.K,” and “Release the Kraken,” which was their closer. I was happy about that, but not much else. They had a great stage presence and really amazing energy which I didn’t expect. I think the stuff I heard from the new album was kind of dull though and that hindered my enjoyment. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. I hope to see them again when I don’t have the flu.

Goatwhore was next. I wasn’t super thrilled about Carving Out the Eyes of God. Maybe the best album title I’ve heard in a long time, but there was only a couple of tracks that really stood out to me. The band’s performance was alright. I was more entertained by what Ben Falgoust had to say in between songs. At one point he egged on the crowd to skip weed and go straight to cocaine. That was met with several loud cheers. Most of this set was forgettable aside from “Apocalyptic Havoc,” which they closed with. The thing I remembered most from their time on the stage was the stench in the air. It wasn’t sweat, or hesher stink. It was different, more pungent than both of those. Almost like wet dog, and there was a million White girls in attendance. It wasn’t that, though. It was the guys from Watain walking around upstairs. They soak their clothes in goat blood before every performance or some shit. That’s more disgusting than “Kvlt” in my opinion, and I wasn’t down with that shit.

Watain’s stage setup was as Black Metal as you can get without stabbing someone 16 times. There were torches, candles, animal blood, pitchforks and Swedish men dressed in leather setting all of these props up. I think I stood to watch the stage setup longer than I watched the band play. They weren’t bad, it’s just that I was coming down from my Dayquil and my knees were starting to give out. They started their set with “Malfeitor.” I have to say they sound a lot better live than they do on record. Unfortunately for my readers, the Whisky has a sissy policy about recording sets, so I was only able to get about a minute of this track before security told me to knock it the fuck off. You can see the elaborate stage setup in the clip below:

Watain – Malfeitor @ The Whisky 11.19.10

I left after 30 minutes or so. That’s like 3 songs if we’re converting this into Black Metal time. Overall I would have to say I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I could have. I was sick, and I really hate that venue. Black Anvil was alright, and I’ll see them again once I really give their new album a proper listen. Goatwhore was kinda boring, but they had a lot of fans there that were stoked to see them so that was cool. Watain sounded excellent and I was impressed by that crazy setup. I just wish Behemoth was there to close it out. People would have been killed that night.

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