10.30.10: Poor Kids Radio Presents – Ghoul x Voetsek x Battalion of Saints and more!

Looking for something to do Halloween weekend, I decided to attend Poor Kids Radio warehouse show featuring GHOUL! I had missed them twice this year and I was happy to be able to see them for the low, low price of 8 bucks! PLUS! The Grill Em All truck was out front curb serving some proper gourmet burgers. AND! The show was BYOB. Of course, all of that was too good to be true. There was a venue change the day before. What was supposed to be a show at a “mansion” turned into a warehouse show where the crack/sherm stick abusing homeless people of Downtown Los Angeles reside. I parked a few blocks away on a street with no lights. I thought a brisk jog to the venue would do me well and give me a good head start just in case anyone gave chase.

The growl of the belly hit me almost as quick as the smell of them burgers did. I ordered a Molly Hatchet from Grill Em All and decided and it was the best burger I ever had in my life. It was like breakfast in a hamburger. For dinner. After the 10 or so minutes of fatty food pleasure I walked into the venue and immediately saw how rowdy things were going to get. There was about 500 or people or so crammed in the U.S. A.S.S. Warehouse. Almost everyone had a 40 bottle in hand, and maybe half of the people in there were blowing all different kinds of smoke. Skaters hitting the quarter pipes, people hanging off of the other ramps, mad folks in costumes and even girls in roller skates with titties hanging out.  Merciless Death was just starting to play when I walked through the crowd. They’re kind of a staple of the Southern California underground scene, or at least on my college campus where many of the youngsters rock their tees. They did alright performing in front of a crowd that was mostly concerned with rolling dank and sipping brew. There was a small shout out to the women in the crowd by the lead singer. He shouted “this one’s for all the fine pussy in here tonight” before going into whatever song that was.. Towards the end of their abnormally long set, shit was getting rowdy.

A fine young gentleman decided to smash 40 oz bottles on the ground where the moshpit was going on, and there were people falling all over the glass. While funny, it was really an uncool thing to do. There’s proper etiquette at shows and that was like a slap in the face of the pit connoisseurs. Nobody was really stopping the guy because he was bigger than pretty much everyone and he was knocking anyone who got in his way to the floor.

Demolition was next. The only other time I’ve seen a group of Samoans making music was when Boo Yaa Tribe was relevant in the early 2000’s. I couldn’t really give a shit about them to be honest except they had a song titled “Rape” which got the pit going. It was that song that ruined everything. Some miscreants entered the venue only to cause trouble and start fights. More broken bottles, some fists being thrown, shoving matches and so on. It got to the point where a venue employee told everyone to chill out because the cops were outside waiting for something bad to happen. Did I forget to mention the place had no security anywhere? Five minutes later, the same MC went on stage again just to tell everyone that the show was over and the police were outside shutting it down. I missed GHOUL again because people couldn’t control themselves. I was pissed, but not in any mood to get billy clubbed so I pretty much ran out of the venue. As I made my exit, I saw maybe 20 cops standing out front ready to go in. Not even cops in uniform, but cops wearing jeans and LAPD windbreakers. That’s the kind of attire you wear when you don’t take no guff from young punks.

I drove to the ghetto and risked my well-being, I paid 8 bucks to see 7 bands and ended up seeing 2, and I didn’t even bring any beer with me. Ah well, I had a fine dinner and a story to tell.

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