10.16.10: Malus Clothing Tour

Still hungover from the night before and dealing with an uneasy stomach from the birthday drink-a-thon that took place a few hours earlier, I decided to catch some of the Malus Clothing tour featuring Arsonists Get All The Girls, Ion Dissonance and Within the Ruins. I was really unsure about driving the 45+ minutes to the venue without vomiting pastrami in my toilet first, but I was on a tight schedule so I said, “Fuck it, it’s more metal if I barf on the crowd anyway.” Off I went to the valley, where I know no one and hate everyone. Now, keep in mind I said I would only see *some* of the show, meaning, I’m only staying for the band whose record label got me in.

I’m not too big on the deathcore stuff, but the fellows of the band are pretty decent songwriters and I enjoy their brand of “core.” I get the feeling they write music and say, “Oh, lets throw a breakdown..here..and here!” rather than “Okay, our breakdowns are recorded guys, what should we do next?” *cough* Despised Icon, Chelsea Grin, Any band that hails from Riverside, CA *cough* Anyway.. without a photographer, again. No neat pictures of the band, no candid pictures of band sluts, and definitely no pictures of underage girls doing the tongue between the index and middle finger thing. Disappointing, I know. I did, however, snag a pretty cool video of the band’s song, “Versus” on my Droid X from Motorola! (Droooiiiiddd!)

Within the Ruins – Versus @ Cobalt Cafe

Above you can see the venue’s compactness and the various White youths pummeling each other in the very, very sad excuse for a pit. L.A. does not know how to mosh. I blame the first person who got the idea to swing his arms around like a retard, and then I blame whoever started doing roundhouse kicks. I left right after Within the Ruins finished because: A.) I did not come to see anyone other than Within the Ruins, B.) I decided to vomit next to my Honda Civic down the street instead of on the sidewalk in front of scene babes. Plus I didn’t wanna have barf breath the rest of the night.

Overall I thought the band did as good a job as they could. They played well, they sounded fine and they tried their hardest to get the crowd involved. I feel a lot of bands like this never get to progress their stage presence because of the smaller venues they play and the fucked up stage setup. Its always the vocalist (sans instrument, of course) going apeshit and guitarists standing in one spot making incredibly awkward eye contact with you. Within the Ruins’ Invade is out now on Victory Records. Go download it digitally, plz!

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