9.30.10: High On Fire x Torche x Kylesa

I, for years, was under the impression that women couldn’t rock the way men do. Everything I had heard from women who play guitar was just so “vaginal” sounding.. And then I finally watched Kylesa perform at The Glasshouse in support for High On Fire. I was supposed to take pictures for the band All Hail The Yeti, but L.A. traffic and a stern warning for speeding from a nice police officer prevented that from happening. I felt like an asshole for about 5 minutes before my photographer and I realized there was still some metal to be seen and honeys to be checked out from afar!

After the embarrassing conversation with the guy at will-call about missing the Yeti we rushed into the venue to catch Kylesa, a band I’ve been wanting to see live for quite some time. I was always on the fence about their stoner sounding metal because I don’t smoke reefer and I wasn’t sure if their shows are weed-optional, but it only took one song for me to start nodding my head to the music. It took two songs to realize that adding another drummer to the fold was more gimmick than need.. And it took three songs for me to fall in love with Laura Pleasants. I was a firm supporter of the “women can’t rock for shit” movement until I saw this woman sway from side to side and bang her head around in all angles as she ripped sloooow bong riffs (lolz, right?) while the fellows in the band did their thing. The whole set was spent admiring this kinda-sweaty guitar goddess, bobbing my head to the beat while fighting my lower half’s urge to “rise” at a metal show. There weren’t enough women around to justify my almost-boner so I thought of all the unsexy things in the world; Bluetooth headsets, the blowjob scene from Brown Bunny, The Beard and Mustache World Championships etc. It was a brilliant strategy to stay kinda focused on the music. The band tore through set playing mostly stuff from Static Tensions and a track of two off of the brand new Spiral Shadows with some dual drum solos sprinkled in between. I bought a tee after their set hoping she would be standing nearby, smoking a cigarette or doing something else of equal coolness. No dice. Here’s a quick 1 minute vid I managed to get during the performance:

Kylesa @ The Glasshouse

..and then came Torche. I hardly paid attention to them. My eyes were fixated on a lovely girl who was third wheel. She was the least metal person there, but she was heavenly. We made eye contact more than once but I was too pussy to say anything. My excuse will be “I was there to watch a show, not fall in love.” Anyway, I don’t know what the big deal is with Torche. I could never really dig their shit. They had awesome stage presence but the music did absolutely nothing for me. My knees were sarting to give out. Lucky for me, High on Fire was next.

I don’t think I can say enough good things about the band. Being a pretty big fan, I was excited to be seeing them live for the first time. Ten years worth of material covered in what seemed like an eternity of a headlining set. A band that has been together for that long certainly sounded very tight. Matt Pike’s vocals and guitar playing were absolutely on point. They were the only band to get a pit going, obviously. A real mosh pit too, not kids doing roundhouse kicks and Zangief spinning punches. It was “Rumors of War” that really got it started. The crowd was absurdly small for such a kick ass show, but those who were there sang, moshed, cheered and devil horned the entire night. It was good too see some proper metal heads.

I had a pretty good time at this show. It was supposed to be full of pictures but we kinda fucked up by showing up late. Either way, it was worth the drive and time spent. I’ll definitely be back at The Glasshouse in the near future and I’ll be seeing Kylesa and High on Fire again and again.

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