9.28.10: Despised Icon x Misery Index x Revocation

Last night I attended the Southern California stop of Despised Icon’s final U.S. tour. I thought “Cool, I can say I went to that, plus Misery Index and Revocation are opening and I’ve never seen them live either.” The first problem with that is being unfamiliar with D.I.’s catalog. I’m not into the Deathcore that so many Southwestern youths are into and these guys are like the godfathers of that shit. Kids were probably going to wheelbarrow in the pit, brah. The second problem is a double whammy! I’m making a trek to an all-ages alcohol-free venue in Anaheim. The last time I went to Anaheim was to pick up a paycheck and to say “fuck you, I quit.” I don’t need the booze to have a good time, but it would have been nice to do something during the intermission cause there’s no way I could hold a conversation with 15 year olds.

I strolled in while local band Goliath was playing. I did the cool guy thing and stood in the back with my arms folded, occasionally taking my phone out of my pocket to take notes on the band’s confused stage presence. Two guitarists just stood there while the third was genuinely doing guitarist type shit, such as having long hair and balding like Scott Ian in the early 90’s. This band had two vocalists; one to scream about falling and the other to yell about getting up. I hear that’s the popular thing to sing about these days, and you know..follow that up with a breakdown while the clueless L.A. kids mosh. Good riddance to this horseshit. I scoped the scene for chicks while Goliath continued their nonsense, but didn’t want to risk the whole “providing alcohol to minors” thing after the show.

Intermission time. I’m wearing the only Metallica shirt in the whole establishment. “Perhaps I’m out of touch with the scene,” I think to myself as I look down into Facebook mobile. I realized I didn’t hit an ATM before the show and of course the venue doesn’t have one. No Revocation t-shirt for me. A few more minutes of sweating and the band comes out.

Revocation is super tight right off the bat. “Pestilence Reigns” comes on. I’m no longer the arms folded guy, I’m now arms in the air and singing along guy. I even did the “weedley weedley” thing. A few more songs into the set, I make a note on my phone; “David Davidson might just be the best guitarist in metal right now.” I look up and realize that not once is there a mosh pit for this band. We’re 5 or 6 songs and and 1 guy tried to get one going but that shit fizzled out. Annoyed by this, Mr. Davidson takes a shot at the lack of respect shown by the audience: “This is our last song. Here’s the fucking breakdown you’ve all been waiting for.” Still, the pit is minimal. Is the breakdown really that important out here? As far as I’m concerned, this right here is more than enough to get things going. Clearly, no one came to see this band but there shouldn’t have been a moment without a pit except for in between songs. I guess I’m just biased.

Misery Index is next. They start with “Traitors,”  a song I know! This gets the crowd going a bit, and a mosh pit starts to form. Not as hectic as I expected but that’s because I suspect L.A. doesn’t know how to mosh at higher speeds. “Conquistadores” comes on. Perhaps one of my favorite tracks. Ol’ Farhaad got a little rowdy and had to keep some motherfuckers off of him during this part of the show. A few elbows to the back never hurt anyone, right? I have glasses, I can’t afford to break them. Anyway, bullshit politics got in the way of Misery Index’s time and they had to cut their set short for the headliners. They ended on “We Never Come in Peace” ..I think.

Overall it was an alright show. I wasn’t into the D.I. stuff , so I didn’t stick around for their set but kids were excited to see them. The fans make the show sometimes and they were all there to have a good time and say goodbye.  Misery Index and Revocation really did a great job that night and I definitely want to see them again. Preferably in a venue where I can have a cold cerveza.

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